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About Us

GETT Technologies started providing Design & Technical Consultation to system developers, sourcing electronic components & providing Embedded Tools for contract manufacturers.

GETT Technologies offers:

  • OEM and industrial computing customization services to meet the requirements of clients.
  • Customized solutions with short time-to-market turnaround.
  • Design and Technical Consultation
  • Supplying of Embedded Software Compiler, Emulator / Debugger, Bus Analyzers and Production Tools
  • Customizing Technical Training Program base on Customer’s requirements and Projects
  • Design and Build Prototype Boards

Understanding the business goals of our customers let us support them at the highest level. In understanding client's business models and objectives we go on to develop tailor-made service plan to help accomplish the defined goals.

GETT Technologies serve industries ranging from Industrial Automation, Semiconductor, Education, Public Transportation, Security, Defense, Telecommunication to Power Utilities.

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