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Smart Industrial Locks

Problem Statement

1) Security

  • Authorization / keys issuing / managing physical keys
  • Monitoring keys return
  • Lose of Keys result in change of Locks
  • No report of lock status

2) Vendors

  • Troublesome paperwork process to request for approval
  • Time wasted waiting for approval and withdraw of keys
  • Return of Keys / Lost Keys

Smart Locked Solutions Advantage:

  • Reduce manpower monitoring keys and locks status
  • Streamline the approving process and Keys withdraw process
  • Key Authorizations Encryptions cannot be pass on and only approve mobile phone can be used to unlocked assigned locked
  • Schedule Key Authorizations:
    • Time
    • Date
    • Durations
    • Remove Authorization remotely
  • Generate Lock Status based on:
    • Approval Officer
    • Vendors Details
    • Time unlocked & unlocked by who

smart lock